Tongue Piercings Causes Fractures And Broken Teeth

Getting your tongue pierced was a huge trend in the late nineties. For teens, it was a way of looking cool. The trend itself faded as the 90s grunge disappeared at the end of that decade. However, having your tongue pierced is now believed to have serious consequences, often resulting in tissue infections and oral cancer. These are just a few of the many problems that can be caused by tongue piercing. Tongue piercings can also cause nerve damage, broken teeth, fractures and allergic reactions.

Fractures are the primary and most common result of having your tongue pierced. According to dentists, tongue piercing can cause fractures on the surface of teeth. Over time, these fractures can weaken teeth, making it possible for more damage. When these fractures come fused together, more problems can develop. Teeth that become weak may fall out.

The treatment for fractured teeth is extensive and often requires multiple treatments. Before actually fixing the tooth itself, the infection must be treated. Then, x-rays must be taken to determine the extent of damage. The amount of damage caused to the teeth will ultimately determine how extensive treatment will be.

Tooth fractures often go unnoticed, unless they cause pain. Many fractures are discovered by a dentist. At this point, considerable damage may have already been caused. Fractures and teeth chipping often occur when one is sleeping, so you may not be aware of it.

The most prominent and dangerous side effect of tongue piercing is oral cancer. Tongue piercings often cause ulcers, which have the potential to cause precancerous ulcers. Cancerous ulcers can form out of precancerous ulcers. If left untreated, this could have serious consequences. The tongue is a breeding ground for conditions, because it is coated with bacteria. Many people develop a white coating of bacteria on their tongue and find it difficult to get rid of. This may seem like common knowledge, it is important to see a dentist on a regular basis to make sure you don’t develop problems.

The main culprit of fractures is the ring stud, according to reports from California State University Northridge. Some people get their tongue pierced to correct speech problems, but studies show that tongue piercings can actually cause speech impediments and even difficulties with breathing. Though tongue piercing has decreased in popularity, some people continue to get them. However, individuals who get tongue piercings may not realize the long term consequences, which include nerve damage and gum inflammation.

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