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Why Choose Us:

People say "There's really not much difference between dental offices!". I know that many people believe that all dentists and dental offices are pretty much the same. I don't. I believe that what separates us from the pack is not what we do but how we do it. Read On and find out how we are unique.

The Care:

I created and I am proud to offer my own unique "Focused Care Dentistry© . It is designed with you in mind. It's All About You here.  With over 25 years of experience as a dentist in Encino I have learned how to offer a calm, relaxed and comfortable style of care in my hi-tech dental office here in Encino.

I enjoy offering  excellent, gentle and compassionate dental care to all my patients. This includes  people with high dental anxiety. I understand dental anxiety and am happy to give  special attention to those in need. By the way, the office is scrupulously clean. I insist on it.

Smile by Encino Dentist  Dr. Allan Melnick

The Goals:

I sincerely want your mouth and teeth to be healthy, comfortable and your smile beautiful for a lifetime. That is what my practice is all about and the reason I enjoy dentistry so much. I like to feel like I am doing a great job for my patients.

As a former Professor at UCLA you can ask me all the questions you like. I will listen! I love it. In fact we all will listen to you carefully and then I will discuss the reasons you have come to see me. I want you to know the what and why before we begin.

The Experience:

By using the skills, knowledge and judgment I have gained through my many years of dental experience. I can  provide you with state of the art care that was not available even a few years ago. Please note, you will always be treated with Respect in my office by the Dr. and the staff.

There are many benefits in coming to my office. These benefits include seeing one patient at a time so you will get my full attention. In addition. we respect the value of your time, I hate to wait so you will find that my office runs on time.  

Be sure to take a look at the page with a dramatic personal testimonial to see what one very happy lady thinks of my office. Also be sure to look at the credentials and the honors my profession has awarded me.

The Cutting Edge:

I  Dentistry in Encino by Allan Melnick DDShave a love for learning. As an Encino dentist I have taken over 1800 hours of post graduate education. Some examples of new techniques I have learned and use include sedation to relieve dental office anxiety, improved anesthetics that work better and wear off quickly and a new whitening system with no post-treatment sensitivity. I am also now using the latest in laser treatments.

These are just a few of the unique new techniques I often use to make your appointments easier, more pain free and faster all this with excellent results. In addition we work with a superb, state of the art dental technicians that help me to create life-like porcelain restorations that fit easily and precisely and look beautiful. Cosmetic dentistry done right is very rewarding and a piece of art.

The Information:

I understand that dentistry can be confusing and complicated. When I personally wrote this web site I made it as clear and easy to understand as possible. I have filled it with a virtual encyclopedia of the latest in dental care. It's all here. Everything patients want to know..

I've also frequently add updates with my blog that include new research and consumer information such a Dentist in Encino, Allan Melnick DDS the link between oral cancer and dental health. The "Tip of the Day" section is very informative. To choose a dentist wisely you must have information. Here you will find everything you need.

Many people who visit this web site are ready to make the important decision on a new dentist. I hope that this web site helps you to be well prepared to make a  wise choice  of a dentist in the Encino area for you and your family.

The People 

You will be in good hands. As I said, I am a  USC Graduate and former UCLA professor. My experienced and friendly staff includes an outstanding dental hygienist and several amazing dental assistants.

Please take a moment and see the pictures of our relaxing and comfortable office and the before and after pictures of our beautiful cosmetic dentistry. I look forward to seeing you very soon.

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 Jane't smile.- Dentist in Encino, Allan Melnick, DDS"I am very happy with my new dentist. I was a  dental coward but not anymore.  Dr. Melnick, the best Dentst in Encino, his great staff, and all his high-tech "toys" make everything so easy. I am a patient for life.  P.S.   They never keep me waiting. Yea!!!"

                                                                  Pam.  Accountant,  Encino     

 Sand'y Smile. Encino Dentist, Allan Melnick DDS"In Boston I worked for dentists for over 12 years. When I moved to the Valley three years ago I called lot's of dental offices and found an Encino dentist who is honest and really cares about me.  All his work feels just great. I can't recommend him enough."

        Sandy G.  Dental Assistant   Sherman Oaks

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