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I am an Encino dentist
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Personal Attention and State-of-the Art Dental Care, 
all in a Uniquely Warm and Relaxing Atmosphere.

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What We Offer

  ♦ Excellent Dentistry  ♦  Stress Free Care  ♦ Personal Attention  ♦
♦ Outstanding Service ♦

Why Choose Us:

People say "There's really not much difference between dental offices!" I know that many people believe that all dentists and dental offices are pretty much the same. I don't. I believe that what separates us from the pack is not what we do but how we do it. Read On and find out why we are unmatched.

The Care:

I offer you my own special "Focused Care Dentistry©". It's unique to California dentistry. We are focused on You as an individual; your wants, needs and your health. I have learned much in my 25+ years of practice. One is that there is no substitute for experience in dentistry. I also have learned that giving you excellent customer service is essential to a successful  dental practice such as mine. We offer you both.

The Focus: I genuinely enjoy offering technically excellent, gentle and compassionate dental care. This includes people with unusual dental anxiety. You can also be sure my office is always scrupulously clean and everything is sterilized properly. The waiting room is much like a warm den. We want You to feel at home.

The Experience:

As a former Professor at UCLA, you can ask me all the questions you like. I am a teacher at heart.  We ALL will listen to you carefully and then I will discuss what you want and what you need and how I can help you to receive it. My question one. " What can I do to help you" That is where I begin.

The Features:

There are many other benefits in coming to my Encino dental office. These benefits include the fact that  I see one patient at a time so you will get my full attention. In addition. we respect the value of your time. My office runs on time.  Plus my experienced, warm and friendly staff includes an outstanding dental hygienist.and several amazing dental assistants. I believe they are the best of all Encino dental offices.

The Information:

I understand that dentistry can be confusing and complicated.  When I personally created this web site I made it as clear and easy to use as possible. I have designed it to make you a knowledgeable consumer. To choose a dentist wisely you must have lot's of information and it is all here.

When It's Time

Many people who visit this web site are ready to make the critical decision on a new dentist. I hope that this web site helps you to be well prepared to make a  wise choice of a dentist in the our area for you and your family.

We are happy to Offer a No Fee Consultation/2nd Opinion

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Services We Offer

 Jane't smile.- Dentist in Encino, Allan Melnick, DDS"I am very happy with my new dentist. I was a  dental chicken but not any more.  Dr. Melnick, his  staff, and all his fancy equipment make everything so easy. I am a patient for life.  P.S.   They never keep me waiting. Yea!!!  "Thanks to you all"

                                                           Pam.  Accountant,  Encino

Encino General Dentistry by Dr. Allan MelnickEncino General Dentistry by Dr. Allan MelnickEncino General Dentistry by Dr. Allan Melnick


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